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The project

Sweet and savoury hand crafted pies and quiches: something for everyone! A Brussels-based company born of the love that Françoise, a passionate chef, has for everything that is good, natural, and simple, Les Tartes de Françoise now has about twenty outlets throughout Belgium.

The company contacted us to execute a project for the end-of-year holiday season. Coronavirus turned 2020 into  a difficult year. Having been separated from our families and friends for many long months, it was impossible to allow the pandemic to ruin Christmas too. That's why Les Tartes de Françoise decided to organise remote Christmas Eve parties so that we could share a piece of pie with our loved ones.

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The challenge

Celebrations together

To make this virtual Christmas Eve a reality, not only did we have to design a form to have a piece of pie delivered to different guests, but we also had to develop the interface that allowed families to meet online via the Jitsi platform.

The main difficulty of the project lay in the need to develop a frontend interface which was decoupled from Drupal. In such a situation, Drupal works in “headless” mode, which means that it only manages the data, with the display being entrusted to a third-party solution. We also had to incorporate the payment solution Magento and ensure that the interactions between these different solutions proceeded smoothly.

  • Delivery of pieces of pie to different people;
  • Integration and customisation of an online meeting interface (Jitsi);
  • Interaction with Magento for the execution of orders.
The solution

An online Christmas Eve party with friends and family

After having taken charge of the decoupled interface developed by one of our partners, we organised workshops with the managers of Les Tartes de Françoise and Magento and established the work plan together. These exchanges allowed us to establish optimal lines of communication with these different partners and to have discussions with the technical teams of Magento so as to ensure the availability of the site on Christmas Eve.

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Focus on certain features
  • Creation of a meeting-enabling environment for each order;
  • Orders for multiple people (take-away or delivery);
  • Integration of Jitsi meetings with the interface and customisation.