The cornerstone of every project

Functional analysis is an important part of any digital project, and is an essential part of designing or improving a solution. Skimping on it means running the risk of launching yourself headlong into the unknown, resulting in unmet expectations, inevitable delays, and budget overruns.

An effective functional analysis begins with an understanding of your requirements. We then work with you to identify the required kinds of functionality, so that we can categorise and prioritise them effectively. We then take the time to describe the various interactions involved in the project, so that all stakeholders (our clients as well as our teams) have the same level of understanding with respect to what needs to be conceptualised and developed next. This analysis will serve as the specifications document on which we will base our estimate of the complexity of the solution to be implemented. It will also be the reference document for our clients and developers.

The functional analysis can take different forms. For some projects, annotated wireframes can be used to better define expectations from a functional point of view. For others, a more detailed analysis will be necessary. At WebstanZ, we take a pragmatic and agile approach. The aim is to provide a study which is actionable, i.e. which provides the level of information required to make your project a reality.

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