Take a step back to jump farther ahead

An initial analysis of the situation

You probably already have a pretty clear idea of the next steps which will be necessary to achieve your digital goals. But before jumping in, it's probably a good idea to stop for a moment and take a good look at the situation.

What is the status of what has already been built? Are the foundations sound and sustainable enough to accommodate your new investments? How much effort will be needed to get there? And in what order should you proceed?

With the experience they have acquired over the years, our senior staff members will be able to help you find the right answers by drawing up an objective assessment of the situation and proposing an action plan and a list of priorities.

The audit is also an essential and mandatory step before any takeover of an existing project.

Our audits

We offer different types of audits. They often allow us to get to know your project and take charge of it. We always deliver a list of recommendations and priorities. We can then extend this collaboration to the implementation of the most relevant changes.

  • Performance audit
  • Audit of existing site for maintenance
  • Audit for an upgrade or migration
  • SEO audit
  • Security audit
  • Functional audit
  • UX audit