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The project

Leonidas is the most famous Belgian chocolate maker and is established in many countries around the world. The company offers more than a hundred varieties of pralines, all made from 100% pure cocoa butter chocolate, with no palm oil.

All Leonidas stores guarantee the quality and freshness of their products, and their pralines remain a favourite with chocolate lovers around the world.

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The challenge

A large-scale international site

We have been providing functional maintenance for the entire site since March 2019. We have worked on various aspects:

  • Specific campaigns : We are regularly commissioned by Leonidas for specific campaigns to mark events where chocolate is the gift of choice (Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, etc.). These campaigns involve the creation of advertising displays, TV spots, and dedicated pages on the website in line with the theme. We also decorate the home page of the website to highlight the theme of the occasion. This was the case for example during the Spring campaign, where the entire site was given a slight makeover, with a focus on fruit-based pralines. We designed and implemented appropriate and modular tools in order to offer such flexibility of customisation for specific events.
  • Mini-site for the new Selection range : For the launch of the luxurious Selection range, a part of the site was completely redesigned in order to highlight these new exceptional products by dividing them into two main groups: pralines and nougatines. The main page listed all the products in the Selection range, each with its own dedicated page detailing its composition and presenting its style. Thanks to our implementation of the Drupal “Paragraphs” system, the content of these pages can be modulated directly by the client's marketing team.
  • Contest mini-site : As part of its brand activation strategy, Leonidas regularly joins forces with various partners to organise contests such as with Tomorrowland or Astérix. Whether it's a photo or question-based contest, our solution based on the Drupal Webform module is fully reusable from one event to the next. For each contest, the basic form (photo or question) can be set up instantly by applying to it the specific features required, such as additional fields or a completely custom design. As these questionnaires are based on users' personal data, we made sure to be compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). All this data is collected and interfaced with the client's KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards and audience analysis tools (Google Analytics). This allows them to monitor their conversion rate, measure the effectiveness of each campaign, and optimise them accordingly.
  • Optimisation of page loading time : We implemented a system called Fastly Edge Cloud Platform, a real-time CDN (Content Delivery Network), to display pre-cached pages instead of reloading them from scratch. The advantage of this method is that it allows pages to be displayed to users much faster. At the same time, we developed a solution called Pictures, which allows the browser to automatically choose the most suitable version of an image. This allows the site to adapt to the type of screen (Retina) or to the quality of the connection (Wi-Fi, 4G), and to load only the appropriate image, making its display faster.
  • SEO improvements : We were also mandated to improve the SEO of the brand and implement technical recommendations to provide the site with a visibility that was commensurate with the brand’s reputation. Various Drupal modules were implemented to improve SEO, including the Metatag module, as well as the tools necessary for SEO optimisation and automation.
  • The presentation of the product catalogue with a filter system, whether for campaigns, particular ranges, or contests;
  • The improvement of SEO;
  • The encouragement to sell chocolates online;
  • The list of shops with geolocation;
  • Company information pages.
The solution

A personalised approach

Echoing our client's ambitions, we opted for a complete reinvention of their website both visually and functionally.
This was no small task considering the large amount of content (hundreds of products and pages of information) and the site's unusual features.

We proceeded in a methodical, structured, and strategic manner. The first step was to discuss with the client what they liked and didn't like about their site, but also what would make it easier for it to convert new customers. Leonidas’s objectives with this new version of the site were clear:

  • Gaining in terms of operational management : The client's wish was to reduce the time it took to publish content. With this new version of the site, adding content with a particular design is easier than ever before! Changing the content quickly makes visitors want to return to the site more often.
  • Gaining in terms of popularity : Increasing brand awareness is essential for a brand like Leonidas, which is becoming even more established in popular culture.
  • Gaining in terms of ergonomics : Making the site easy to use keeps shoppers hooked for longer, and encourages them to make a purchase. The easier it is to find what you're looking for among myriads of products, the more trust you will have in the brand.

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Focus on certain features
  • Specific back-office features (data export);
  • Real-time CDN (Fastly Edge Cloud Platform) for cache management;
  • Dynamic data import via a gateway between the site's product catalogue and the client's SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products);
  • Option to have modular content (Paragraphs);
  • Wishlist;
  • Geolocation with React;
  • External site for the brand's franchisees.