User experience

The behaviour of consumers is changing, as are their needs. To enable your visitors to find what they are looking for in just a few clicks and so maximise the chances of converting them into customers, we reliably anticipate their typical behaviour - regardless of the device used.

In all the projects we work on, the user is always at the heart of our ergonomic and graphic approach. A successful design is a design that serves the user.

The user experiences (UX) and interface designs (UI) we create ensure easy navigation that simplifies the user's journey, and allows them to access the content or service they are looking for in an intuitive and frictionless manner.

How will we create the best user experience for your project?
  • By understanding your issues and your business
  • By understanding the needs and expectations of your users
  • Working hand-in-hand with you
  • By using adapted collaboration tools
  • On the basis of our long experience with digital tools
Because 1+1 is more than 2

Co-creative design

Each of our web projects starts with a series of meetings and workshops. Here we talk about “business intake”, “benchmarks”, “brainstorming”, and “wireframes”, the goal being to design the structure of the site, its content, its features, and its “calls to action” in close collaboration. With this in mind, we define “personas” according to the type of user and create (in collaboration with you) the different potential customer paths and the stages of your conversion funnels.

The exchanges which arise naturally from these collaborative workshops between agency and client allow ideas to emerge that would probably never have seen the light of day otherwise. This symbiosis between all the participants also makes it possible to quickly validate the various choices regarding the direction of the project.

Why choose WebstanZ for your user experience?
  • Multilingual and/or multi-country management
  • Asynchronous translations
  • Product catalogues and filters
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Geolocation and personalisation according to the profile or context of use
  • Multi-stage conversion funnel
  • Complex search engine
  • And more
We think mobile experience

A design adapted to the media and users

Our websites (even if “Mobile First” or “Mobile Responsive”) are also designed with smartphones and tablets in mind. In order for each visitor to have easy access to the information they need, it is essential to offer them a layout which is optimised for their device, without losing sight of the importance of placing “calls to action” to generate a satisfactory conversion rate.

Our approach to the user experience (UX) also takes into account visitors with disabilities. Our front-end developers are committed to implementing basic accessibility standards to overcome any difficulties they may encounter. We don't hesitate to call on specialists when we need to in order to help us test our platforms and ensure that they are easily accessible to everyone.

Why choose WebstanZ for your website design?

We are curious by nature and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with all sectors of activity. We work according to the “Design Thinking” method, which consists of proposing an innovative solution for your project, using fundamental principles:

  • Your goals
  • Technical feasibility
  • Economic viability
  • Etc.