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Logo de l'organisation Alba Network

The project

Founded recently by a group of renowned scientists, the ALBA Network aims to promote equality and diversity in the brain sciences. The network has several goals: to promote best practices to combat bias, to recognise outstanding contributions to science and diversity, and to provide networking and mentoring opportunities, particularly for members of under-represented groups.

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The challenge

Promoting equality and diversity in the brain sciences

For the ALBA Network project, we designed a website that would allow them to publicise their mission and objectives through the numerous resources, events, and news of the organisation. Its main function is to present the members of the network, and to specify their position and their involvement in research, education, and communication with respect to the brain sciences.

The site also allows newcomers to register on the network. To do this, we had to make sure that new users were presented with a clear and accessible registration form. We also took special care to present the members in easy-to-understand lists.

  • Showcase site for the ALBA Network;
  • Information pages;
  • Network registration forms.
The solution

A simple way to subscribe to the network

During the numerous workshops organised with the client, we worked together to better understand the company's business, define the lines of communication, and to properly divide up the content of the site. After having determined the requirements inherent to the project, a theme was selected in keeping with the rules of user experience (UX)  in order to distribute the site's content in an optimal way.

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Focus on certain features
  • Comprehensive catalogue of exhibitions (past, present, and future);
  • Automation of publications according to dates;
  • Agenda of activities and liaison with exhibitions; 
  • Library of publications and contextual filters;
  • Multilingual site.