WebstanZ, a partner in your digital growth

Website creation

We design all kinds of web projects: websites, business platforms, showcase portals etc.. We design for you, but above all alongside you.

Whether you wish to create a new website or redesign existing content, you’ll benefit from the expertise of a versatile team which will be at your side at every stage of your project. We excel in all disciplines: strategy, audit, analysis, development (front-end and back-end integration), responsive web design, UX and UI design, graphic design, SEO, content writing, online marketing, hosting, maintenance, and migrations.

We offer solutions which are adapted and customised in accordance with an analysis of your objectives. Our approach aims to be collaborative, empathetic, and pragmatic. At WebstanZ, we have mastered the art of turning complex problems into elegant and easy-to-use solutions.

To ensure that you have better visibility while supporting your editorial strategy (“inbound marketing”), we offer a solution based on the Drupal CMS – with or without its merchant solution Drupal Commerce – which integrates naturally into your usual processes and adapts in a transparent manner to your tools and manner of working.

The end user is always at the centre of our thinking, which is why we pay particular attention to navigation. The goal is always to lead customers and prospects to the right markets, the right geographical zones, and the right services - and to offer them the right products depending on their availability in your catalogue. 

To ensure that the leads or requests for information collected through contact forms reach sales representatives, we take special care to ensure that the conversion funnels are effective.

The perfect alliance

WebstanZ is an alliance between a team of experts at your service and a powerful open-source CMS (Drupal).  We share with you the expertise we have accumulated since the creation of WebstanZ in order to solve complex or problematic situations, and transform them into elegant and easy-to-use solutions:

  • Multilingual and/or multi-country management
  • Asynchronous translations
  • Product catalogues and filters
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Geolocation and personalisation according to the profile or context of use
  • Multi-stage conversion funnel
  • Complex search engines
  • And more...
Expertise at your service

Drupal development

We have been recognised for the quality of our development and the consistency of our solutions, and we create websites and web and mobile applications based on the Drupal CMS.

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) and framework (CMF). The software has been developed and is maintained by one of the most effective and energetic open-source communities in the world.

Drupal is constantly evolving, with new modules and features being added all the time. It’s continuously reinventing and improving itself. The strategy of the community behind Drupal is an ambitious one: to make it one of the most powerful platforms on the market.

To meet the growing needs of Internet users as effectively as possible, we offer websites which are both well-designed and functional. We always place the user at the centre of our thinking, and optimising the user's experience on a site enables us to increase their level of engagement. We tailor our designs to your industry and strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Why choose Drupal?
  • Drupal is the must-have professional content management system (CMS) of the market, in terms of performance, flexibility, scalability, and customisation.
  • Drupal is a mature solution adapted to all your needs: website for online sales, catalogue site, intranet/extranet platform, etc.
  • Drupal is open-source and free of any licence.
  • Drupal is fully secure thanks to its regular updates and a dedicated team which constantly audits its code.
  • Drupal is customisable at will thanks to its open architecture. It interfaces with third-party systems such as CRM and ERP software and other business applications or payment modules. 
  • Combined with Drupal Commerce, Drupal offers a solid and durable tool for your e-commerce needs.
  • Drupal is supported by a dedicated and very active community which is constantly enriching it.
Our added value

We are WebstanZ

As Drupal specialists for over ten years, we have fully mastered the tool: from Version 6 to the current Version 9. We have grown with the development of this open-source CMS, and our expertise has been built and refined along the way.

Moreover, we are very active in the Drupal community, and we regularly contribute to its development by participating in DrupalCon conferences, organising DUGs (meetings between “Drupalists”) in our offices, organising “code sprints”, or simply reviewing the code proposed by other developers.

Our team of expert developers is proficient in modern web technologies, such as Apache, MySQL, PHP, SASS/CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, Ajax, and HTML5.

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