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The project

The ETUC (European Trade Union Confederation) represents the voice of workers in the institutions of the European Union. Its aim is to increase its influence in their decision-making process.

It defends fundamental social values such as solidarity, equality, democracy, social justice, and unity. The ETUC represents 45 million members from 89 trade union organisations in 39 European countries and from ten European trade union federations.

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The challenge

Site maintenance and development of associated projects

Our assignment for the ETUC was to provide maintenance for its site, which had been developed by a third-party service provider using Drupal 8. This maintenance needed to be corrective, scalable, and security-oriented. We also updated certain features such as those of the open-source CiviCRM suite.
Alongside this maintenance, we also took on the development of projects such as ETUC Democracy (to promote democracy at work) and Youth Map (a compendium of European organisations for young workers).

The most important challenge of this project was certainly  to properly understand the client's needs and to adapt to its historical manner of operation. We also had to deal with the multilingual aspect of the site (available in English and French), as well as that of the many documents and publications (which were available in several languages).

  • A multilingual site;
  • A large database of documents and publications;
  • Subdomain management for ETUC-related projects;
  • Maintenance updates;
  • Development of the site using an interface created by a third-party provider.
The solution

Quick takeover and changes

Our first goal was to rectify some minor issues with the existing Drupal 8 CMS and to optimise its integration with CiviCRM.

In close collaboration with the different ETUC teams, we contributed to the creation of new projects such as Youth Map, ETUCLEX, and ETUC Democracy. The existing interface was also improved (especially on the homepage) in order to enhance the user experience on the site.

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Focus on certain features
  • The interactive map developed for the ETUC Youth Map project;
  • Subdomain management;
  • CiviCRM (Customer Relationship Management).