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A successful conversion

I decided to retrain at the age of 30, and after several years during which I had to be satisfied with food jobs. When I looked at the different options available to me, training as a web designer and integrator seemed to suit me. Two years of studies and explorations later, I am now looking for a new job! After only a few weeks, I was delighted to receive an offer from a company in Mons called WebstanZ!

A few weeks ago, my colleague Gwen explained on this blog how went her integration!

An interview like no other

My first job interview was with Nicolas. We had already met during my studies and during the presentation of my essay. We were then in the middle of the Covid 19 containment period. So everything happened through video conference.

I don't remember exactly what was said during our exchanges, but unlike the other interviews I had, I felt much more at ease and above all I felt considered as a whole. I wasn't just a machine typing code but a person with experience, desires, weaknesses, etc.

The same thing happened during my second interview with Benoît, and I was overjoyed when I learned that I was selected to join the WebstanZ team! 

Integration... in all its aspects!

Here I am a few weeks later in front of my screen, at home as we are still in confinement, for my first day of work. The day starts with the traditional daily meeting (scrum) where everyone is informed of the progress of the different projects, as well as the presentation of the new "Padawan's", as they affectionately call us.

So I'm not the only one making my first steps. 3 other developers have recently joined the team. Florent, Arthur and Geoffrey are the other Padawan's!
My first impressions? The colleagues seem very nice but I don't understand much of what was said during the meeting. The terms used are quite new to me :)

The tools made in WZ

Just after the meeting, my colleague Gwen takes us under her wing and shows us the different tools that the WebstanZ team uses to work and communicate. She kindly explains how everything works and opens the doors to the agency's internal logistics. Some of the points of the meeting start to become more clear. 

Once the global tools have been presented, it's Adelson's turn, the technical lead, to guide us through setting up a Drupal development environment for the first time, WebstanZ style. For me, this is probably the most complicated and abstract part of our entire integration process. I still admire his wisdom and patience in explaining how everything works. It was all the more complex because it was on 3 different OS (mac os, linux os, microsoft os)!

At the end of a good day of work (in order to solve all the problems) we all 4 had our first Drupal installed on our machines!

The new challenge

With the support of our new colleague Gilles, we enter the core of the subject. He explains in a clear and detailed way how to work with Drupal. He takes a close look at the different components of the CMS and shows us how we can work to create the website our clients dream of. 

We still have to learn how to add all the design to the structure created with Drupal elements. With Gwen's help, we will see how Drupal theme works, WebstanZ style. 

Our first tests

After all these theoretical explanations and a few exercises, it was time to start working on small missions, on real projects this time! I must admit that I felt a little stressed but thanks to the training, the written material, the video tutorials and above all the solidarity and support of the rest of the team, I was very quickly reassured and I was able to carry out my assignments easily.

I am a part of WebstanZ

I don't know exactly when I went from being a "Padawan" to being an actual member of the WebstanZ team because it all happened very naturally. I quickly realised that I was integrated and that I felt good in the agency. It's a real pleasure to work there because it's a company on a human scale, with a team of great people, very professional and who never hesitate to share their know-how and help each other.

We learn from each other, both humanly and professionally, and together we are WebstanZ! Thanks to this unity, the whole team really wants to give everything they have to every project

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