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Subsidies from the Walloon Region (E-business bonus)

The regulation provides for a bonus for enterprises that create an e-business site. By "enterprises" is meant: small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), groups of SMEs, de facto associations. The amount of this premium is a minimum of 2,500 euros and a maximum of 15,000 euros and may not exceed 50% of the costs of creating the website.

What is e-business?
The ordinance refers to the virtual space on the Internet, which contains different types of information or computer applications and which allows:

  • the sale of products or services to a consumer,
  • the sale of products or services to another economic entity,
  • le partage d'informations ou d'applications informatiques, avec une autre entité économique. C'est ce troisième aspect qui apporte une réelle plus-value à une entreprise, et c'est ce volet qu'entend promouvoir la Région wallonne. 

The aim of the aid is to integrate e-business as much as possible. E-business has indeed become essential in the management of SMEs. Much more than e-commerce (i.e. transactional, online sales, e-commerce), e-business also enables the transport and networking of large flows of information. Whether it is the integration of a company's production/purchasing/sales/stock/accounting processes, the management of its contacts with its customers/suppliers/partners, the setting up of marketplaces or information exchanges, e-business thus enables companies to obtain significant time and money savings (increase in productivity, profitability and service quality, etc.).

The e-business site can be:

  • transactional (an end customer buys a service or a product), aimed at companies (Business to Business e-commerce) or individuals (Business to Consumer e-commerce),
  • non-transactional and intended for exchanges between companies (Business to Business e-business).

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AWEX primes for website development

AWEX is the Walloon Export Agency. Its role is to support products and services to be exported that are developed by Walloon companies. Various aids are set up to support all companies in their commercial communication. AWEX really wants to offer our Walloon region the possibility of exporting as well as possible.
Thanks to AWEX, your products or services can be exceptionally well promoted abroad.

AWEX, the Walloon Export Agency, offers the possibility of participating partially in the financial intervention for the production, publication and promotion of your products and services to be exported. (Example: Internet site, brochures, multimedia CD-ROM, etc.). Any Walloon company, excluding pure marketing companies (traders), can benefit from this financial support.

What is meant by this bonus?

  • Maximum 50% of the total actual implementation costs excluding VAT
  • The maximum amount of support is limited to EUR 5,000 for brochures and EUR 10,000 for multimedia materials (websites, brochures, etc.). Possibility of three supplements of EUR 1,250 for the production of additional language versions in the case of the creation of videos.
  • Assistance valid for 2 years.
  • During the validity period, it is possible to cumulate "brochures" and "multimedia" files (including website improvement and enhancement), but only one choice is possible among these.

The application must be submitted before the promotional material is produced, supported by a detailed estimate and a mock-up (for brochures) or synopsis (for websites, videograms and CD-ROMs).

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WebstanZ, in the scope of website creation, can provide answers to your expectations and plan the integration of the AWEX bonus in the realization of your future website.

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