A solution adapted to your business

Let's create your collaborative platform

Companies and organisations now need to be able to ensure effective remote collaboration. With the distancing imposed by the 2020 pandemic and the popularisation of remote work, the issue of digitalisation is at the forefront. In order to meet the objectives set, this transformation inevitably requires that internal tools be adapted and made available to various partners.

It is therefore no surprise to learn that we are regularly asked by companies and organisations to help them design collaboration platforms for their employees, affiliates, and the members of their network.

Whether we are dealing with universities, hospitals, or large companies, regardless of the sector of activity, , our methodology allows us to understand the stakes and specific needs of various job roles.

We then design the solution that is best suited to your requirements, paying particular attention to the project ergonomy, and taking into account the different roles and responsibilities defined for the typical users of the platform.

Drupal can incorporate the following kinds of functionality
  • Secure authentication
  • Payroll
  • Job offers
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Product catalogue
  • Messaging tools
  • User interaction 
  • SharePoint, Salesforce, etc.
  • Etc.
Efficiency and optimisation

Comprehensive and simple

One of the main difficulties encountered in this type of project is determining how to prevent users from drowning in the available mass of information. To do this, we make sure that the content architecture is as intuitive as possible.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Drupal CMS, it is also possible to restrict access to certain types of content depending on the user profile. Users can be organised into groups, and representatives of each group can be designated.

To facilitate the administration of these platforms, we set up workflows dedicated to moderation and customised dashboards, and we design the most suitable communication tools in collaboration with you.

Finally, Drupal's powerful search engine makes it easy to index large volumes of pages and multimedia documents. WebstanZ's solutions make it easy to showcase information in any form: data feeds, event calendars, blog posts, or any type of internal communication.