Simplify the process

Successful digital transformation

In the age of “all-digital” and to meet the new digital needs of citizens, governments, institutions, and associations around the world wish to invest in ambitious online administration systems.

To help them successfully meet this challenge, we support them throughout their digital transformation process, providing them with our experience, our knowledge of local specificities, and our technological expertise.

The role of e-government is to offer citizens a range of public services, accessible at any time, integrated into the institutional website or available from a dedicated web application. Such online administration requires a digital transformation of existing procedures, such as the collection, processing, and electronic exchange of data within itself, or with other administrations. In this domain, the protection of privacy is a particularly sensitive issue.

For us, the success of a governmental or institutional site (or the portal of an NGO) rests mainly on three essential concepts: accessibility, simplicity, and user-friendliness.

Our priority is to make these services available to as many people as possible and to comply with legal obligations concerning, among other things, accessibility for people with disabilities. With this in mind, we design solutions that can be accessed from all the platforms in the market (from a personal computer and via a mobile terminal), and use a manner of organising tools that facilitates access to the information and services sought.

Why use Drupal for your institutional or association website?
  • A free and open-source tool
  • Flexible integration of third-party systems: ERP, SharePoint, APIs, back offices, agendas, etc.
  • Multilingual and/or multi-country management
  • Compliance with current technical standards and W3C norms
  • Management of roles and responsibilities on the platform through moderation flows
  • A powerful search tool
  • Dedicated SEO optimisations