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The project

The 'Milles' is a multi-site dedicated to the areas within the postal codes 4000, 5000, 6000 and 7000. Each Mille has its own site that provides targeted cultural content through chronicles and calendars.

These chronicles are written by different personalities from the world of culture : artists, writers, photographers, etc. They all contribute to the different sites day after day.

The particularity of Les Milles is its location. Whether the visitor is in Charleroi, Mons, Namur or Liège and the surrounding area, he can easily find an event thanks to the map embedded in the website for his own area.

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The challenge

Combining the old and the new

The first challenge for Les Mille was to be able to transfer the content from the old site to a new platform, so that it could continue to be managed centrally and distributed to the sites of the various areas.

Secondly, it was necessary to give the editors the possibility to write their own chronicles and to let them choose to publish them on the site of the concerned region.

Finally, the creation of a map displaying the different events in the calendars to allow visitors to visualise in an instant the cultural news near their home.

  • Laying the foundations with a Multi-site
  • Migrate data from old sites to new ones
  • Propose a uniform design-system for all Milles
  • To give the possibility to the writers to autonomously write and publish their chronicles
  • Allow the diffusion of events in its region 
  • Create a map showing the events of the day according to the user's location 
  • Propose an agenda that can be filtered by date
  • Give the possibility to filter the columns according to their category
The solution

Working together in a multi-site environment

First of all, we proposed a common design for all the miles, but each with its own identity to be able to differentiate the four regional sites easily.

We then created a user journey for each of the roles: registration as a broadcaster or writer, validation of accounts and sending of transactional emails, writing of the various contents, updating of the agendas and finally publication of events or chronicles.

Following the Agile model, we put a first version of the site online, which allowed us to obtain relevant feedback from the site's administrators and users, which led to several modifications. The second version of the website was more complete and included a map of the different locations.

The project ended with a wonderful kick-off event organised by Les Milles.

Focus on certain features
  • Setup of a multi-site Drupal instance;
  • Integration of a specific design for each site;
  • Creation of an agenda, with the possibility of sorting by date;
  • Creation of categories with a sorting tool in the chronicles and the agenda;
  • Creation of an interactive map and visualisation according to location;
  • Media management in different formats (video, images, etc.);
  • Possibility of adding rich content according to the user's wishes (whole paragraph, in columns, alternating with an image, etc.)