Client type
Small Business
Logo du groupe Sonaca Aircraft

The project

Sonaca Aircraft, a subsidiary of the Sonaca group (more than eighty years of experience in aerostructure), has developed and launched the Sonaca 200, a certified two-seater aircraft which combines flight performance with reduced operating costs.

Designed in close collaboration with stakeholders (flying clubs, flight schools, private pilots, etc.), the Sonaca 200 meets the needs of the general aviation and training sectors as a priority.

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The challenge

Purchases which take off

The main objective of this mission was to present this new aircraft (taking care to emphasise its advantages) in order to convert prospects into buyers. The site also had to allow the start-up to establish its reputation, in order to reassure potential customers.

  • Increasing awareness;
  • Converting prospects into buyers.
The solution

The visuals that provoke emotion

After the organisation of an initial workshop, which allowed us to learn more about the company, we established along with the client the tree structure of the site's content, wireframes, and the site’s main features.

Thanks to the trust which Sonaca Aircraft placed in us, our collaboration has continued beyond this design phase and we have been updating the site regularly for many years. For example, we designed a small e-commerce site for the sale of aircraft parts, with a system to warn Sonaca Aircraft in case of possible malfunctions.

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Focus on certain features
  • Presentation of the aircraft and its technical specifications;
  • Very visual site to evoke emotion and the desire to convert;
  • Storytelling: geolocation (map) and adaptation of the team's travels with the plane during the development phase;
  • Presentation of the company and the team.
  • Blog for SEO;
  • Product price page (complete list of options);
  • Incident reporting (form), email and pdf generation;
  • Small e-shop for the purchase of spare parts;
  • Library of technical documents.