Client type
Non Profit
Logo de l'organisation Sequoia Ways

The project

The mission of Sequoia Ways is to enhance the skills of people over fifty years of age and to enrich their social network. This mission is based on two pillars of activity. On the one hand, Sequoia Ways offers workshops and conferences on preparing for retirement.

On the other, it enables its members to enrich their social network. It enhances their skills and supports them in their projects. Sequoia has also developed the “societal project”, which aims to change the often negative view people have of older people.

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The challenge

Multiple projects presented on the same interface

On its website, Sequoia wanted to highlight the two main aspects of its project: on the one hand, the training and retirement preparation service; on the other hand, its network of activities designed for people over fifty. For this latter aspect, the aim was to present the various members and activities and to allow users to register easily to join the network.

The goal of this collaboration was to create an easy-to-use interface which would provide access to information for older people and retirees who wished to grow their network (through the Sequoia Network) or obtain training (through Sequoia Ways).

Focus on certain features
  • Several distinct projects presented on the same interface;
  • Diversity of content between projects;
  • Creation of wireframes and design;
  • Construction of a project from scratch.
The solution

A graphic identity for every project

After a workshop with the Sequoia Ways team, we decided to create a site which would direct users to the two distinct parts, with the option of easily switching from one to the other. On the basis of these joint deliberations with our client, we first created wireframes (UX) which were then adapted into design mock-ups.

Sequoia Ways: this part displays a schedule of training sessions and workshops, with the option to register by submitting a form. There is also a blog to disseminate news articles for the 50+.

Sequoia Network: this is based on a set of complex features designed to liven up the community. The user flow allows members to register and have access to private content.

In general, we designed the site to be easy to use and to allow easy access to the different kinds of content.

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Focus on certain features
  • Members' files with LinkedIn-style information;
  • Activity schedule and registration flow;
  • Exchange of services;
  • Activities committee;
  • Several access levels (members, ambassadors);
  • Forum.