Client type
Small Business
information planet

The project

Information Planet is an independent travel agency based in Australia with over 28 offices worldwide.

It offers a wide variety of language stays for students and adventurers aged 12 and over who wish to learn a foreign language while travelling around the world.

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The challenge

13 versions of the same site

For this project, our main challenge was to create one site per country, i.e. a total of 13 versions, all based on an identical design, but which still offered a great deal of freedom to each webmaster as to the choice of the content displayed.

These sites also had to be interfaced with Salesforce, to enable leads to be used and to present adapted content (“course search”).

  • Installation profile in Drupal 7;
  • Toolbox of features available to the content editors of each site;
  • Interfacing with Salesforce;
  • Client on the other side of the planet;
  • Cloud hosting (
The solution

Multilingual and multi-country website

We opted to develop a travel agency site profile which is both multilingual (FR - NL - EN - SK - CZ - ES - LAT - PT - BR) and multi-country (Aus, Brazil, Mex, Cad, Vez, Col, Bel, Fra, Pt, SK, NL, ES), so that each franchise can customise its own solution. Each site offers the sale of courses (from a catalogue of over 8000) and interacts directly with a centralised Salesforce platform located in Australia.

Each display widget has been designed to fit the context in which it is placed. This gives content administrators a complete toolbox for creating complex pages on each site. Finally, all the franchises have been trained individually to use the platform in order to ensure that they master all the mechanics.

As the client was based in Australia, we had to adapt our communication system to take the time difference into account. This constraint also had an advantage: since our client carried out their tests at night, we were able to benefit from their feedback every morning before starting a new day of development.

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Focus on certain features
  • Navigation and conversions via the course search engine;
  • Financial conversion according to the location of each franchise;
  • Overall ergonomics and accessibility for a large-scale site.