Client type
Large Company

The project

Carmeuse is one of the world's leading producers of high-calcium and high-dolostone lime and of chemical-grade limestone, products which play an essential role in such important industrial sectors as steel, energy, environmental protection, and construction. With over 4,000 employees, the company has an international presence in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

The assignment we were given was to develop a website with a detailed presentation of the company, its products, services, and commitments, and which would provide easy access to this extensive information through search filters.

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The challenge

Developing the site

Our main challenge on this project was to develop a global platform, common to all continents where Carmeuse is present, and to standardise the digital ecosystem of this global leader. To achieve this, we designed a global website (developed using Drupal 8 and enhanced with a specific theme) available in sixteen languages and allowing a team spread over two continents to work in unison while offering flexible and modular content thanks to a paragraph library.
Our main goal was to provide Carmeuse with a tool to list the different markets in which the company is present, and to sort the display of those markets on the basis of applications, products, and services. To do this, we had to create many classificatory terms in order to provide relevant filters for the lists and menu entries.

The site also presents the company as a whole, and emphasises both its human and ecological commitments.

  • Showcase site for Carmeuse;
  • Multilingual site;
  • Presentation of the Products & Services and Applications catalogues by market with filters;
  • Creation of multiple classificatory terms resulting in numerous list filters and menu entries;
  • Information pages.
The solution

Understanding the business

During the numerous workshops organised with the client, we worked together to better understand the company's business, define the lines of communication, and to properly divide up the content of the site.

Various Drupal modules were implemented, particularly to manage the multilingual aspect of the site and so as to be able to provide formatted content enriched via a sort of toolbox. We also integrated SEO modules, necessary for the optimisation and automation of SEO, which was a particularly tricky issue in the case of a global company such as Carmeuse, as it required precise management of URL redirections, with a suitable “country/language” structure.

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Focus on certain features
  • Integration of multilingual and navigable 3D plans. We needed to find an efficient solution to implement 3D plans while being able to manage translations via the back office.
  • Integration with Eloqua, a B2B marketing automation solution to finalise the sales funnel and convert the audience;
  • Drupal theming (set-up of a specific layout);
  • Management of media in different formats (video, images, etc.);
  • Option to add enriched content according to the user's wishes (whole paragraph, columns, alternating with an image, etc.);
  • Drupal modules for SEO.