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The project

Askoli is an innovative shopping assistance platform which aims to help users find the best deals for their online and offline purchases. After you have signed up, Askoli finds the right deals for you via a browser extension or a smartphone application.

For this project, WebstanZ contributed to the creation of the interface both visually and technically, and also to the design and management of the core solution via Drupal.

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The challenge

Hundreds of thousands of benefits to list

The first challenge was to imagine an attractive architecture and design which would make the service accessible to the greatest number of people via a simple and intuitive site.

On the technical side, our assignment was to design the global architecture, at the centre of which Drupal would act as the information source for the various platforms, and also to manage the interface of the official Askoli website. The millions of products, thousands of merchants, and hundreds of thousands of benefits which are transmitted to the browser or application are all stored in Drupal.

  • Creation of a graphic identity, UX wireframe, and UI design mock-ups;
  • A presentation site for the platform and the various formats (plugins, application);
  • A site where you can access all the deals.
The solution

AskOli and always get the best price

We started working on the project by producing a graphic charter for the site as well as design mock-ups with a simple interface which is straightforward and accessible to all. Due to the large amount of information and people to manage, we did a lot of iterating on conversion rate optimisation, landing pages, and campaigns.

After that, the bulk of the development was about storing all the deals and connecting them to the extensions and the application. To do this, we made use of Solr for search, and of Restful Webservices to take advantage of a customisable and extensible API. With such a large database, we had to pay particular attention to caching and performance optimisation in order to provide a perfectly smooth user experience.

Focus on certain features
  • A Drupal interface which powers the plug-ins and the application;
  • Customised suggestions depending on the browser;
  • A selection of benefits that are fully customised to the user's profile.